Arrow Mediation Services

Arrow Mediation offers an Alternative Dispute Resolution pathway to that of the courts.

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

This is where two or more parties in dispute come together outside of the court system with the intention to resolve the dispute. The dispute resolution process is guided by a neutral and impartial Mediator who functions to assist the disputants to reach an agreement if possible.

Why choose Arrow to mediate your dispute?

Arrow Mediators adhere to the Ethical principles of Confidentiality, Impartiality and Neutrality.

The Mediator has a duty of care to both parties who come together in good faith to resolve the dispute. This means that the Mediator must be neutral and impartial. The Mediator cannot give advice to either party. The Mediator functions to ensure a fair dispute resolution process takes place. 
With Arrow Mediation, Parties in a dispute come together in a Mediation with the understanding that they want to and have the power to resolve the dispute on the day.

If an agreement is made between the disputing parties through the process of Mediation, this agreement should be considered legally binding.
The process of Mediation is confidential for all parties. Arrow Mediators destroy their notes of the process at the end of the process. The dispute resolution agreement is owned only by the parties who are named in the agreement.

All Parties in Mediation generally share the fees of the Mediator.  Perceived conflicts of interest arise if the Mediator is supplied or paid by only one of the Parties. Under certain transparent conditions; one Party can make a token or proportionate payment if agreed by both Parties.

Reasons to Mediate a Dispute:

What model of Mediation do Arrow Mediators follow?

Arrow mediators use a mediation model which closely adheres to that model taught and used by IAMA  (Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia).  It is a co-operative approach.

As such, the Arrow approach therefore aims “to seek mutually beneficent solutions that ensure as much as possible all parties leave the table with as many as possible of their interests and concerns satisfied.”(Alysoun Boyle-“The Practitioner’s Certificate in Mediation Handbook”)

Are Arrow Mediators qualified and Members of their professional body?

All Arrow Mediators have completed the Practitioner’s Certificate in Mediation or it’s equivalent.

All Arrow mediators are members of the professional body (IAMA).  Andrew Gaffey is a Member of both IAMA and LEADR.

Arrow Mediation Scale of Fees

Pre-Mediation Interview: $100
Mediation Hourly Rate: $180/hr
Half-Day Mediation (8.30am-12.00): $580
Mediation Package: PreMediation interviews (2), plus ½ day Mediation $700

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