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“Negotiation Skills” - A Unique ½ day Workshop

We all Negotiate!

Negotiations can be as simple as organising a lunch-date or as complex as striking an agreement with a Health Fund on Time-based Billing. Health Practitioners already possess most of the Negotiation skill set but are often their own worst enemies when striking deals.

This workshop aims to define and clarify Persuasion and Negotiation styles and tactics, determine the candidate’s personal dominating or fallback style of negotiating, and give tips and direction to achieve Durable, Ethical and Principled Win/Win negotiations.

About Andrew Gaffey

Andrew is an APA member with 28 years experience in Physiotherapy. He has delivered over 150 Workshops and Seminars.

Much of his work now is as a Mediator and Negotiator in the field of ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution). Andrew is an Associate Member of IAMA (Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia) and a Practitioner Member of LEADR. He is Principal of Arrow Mediation and a Consultant in Business Negotiation.

Workshop Learning objectives

Topics Covered:

Course benefits

For individual Health Practitioners, practices and Departments; smart and ethical negotiating skills are crucial to achieving desired patient and business outcomes and building strong relationships.

This course equips the candidate with an understanding of the principles of persuasion and negotiation; and the tools for the effortless application of those principles in clinical, business and home settings.

Who should attend?

This workshop is tailored for Health Practitioners, working one-to-one and in group settings who wish to improve their understanding of negotiation dynamics and enhance their negotiation outcomes.

These intimate workshops are limited to small numbers so book now!

Expresions of Interest

To express your interest contact Rhonda either by email – info@arrowmediation.com.au or phone - 0414 625 633 and she will assist you.

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